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  • Ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of all members of the university community, supervising the activities of universities within the framework of existing legislation.
  • Investigate ex officio or upon request by the actions or omissions of the University of Seville.
  • Process claims, complaints, briefs faculty, administration and student service and seeking solutions to the various university bodies and services.
  • Make recommendations and proposals for change in the university legislation to the competent bodies, to improve university services.
  • Acting as a mediator and conciliator when required by members of the University community to settle disagreements on university issues.
  • Report annually to the Senate on its activities present a report on its recommendations and suggestions for the improvement of the University will be collected.

Who is the University Ombudsman?

The University Ombudsman is a person appointed for five years by the Senate, responsible for ensuring respect of the freedom and rights of all University of Seville community members. The Ombudsman is not bound by any mandatory instructions and carries out his/her functions with complete independence.

Who is he accountable to?

He is bound by no imperative mandate and receives no instructions fromany governing body, thus carrying out his functions with total autonomy.

Who can ask the Ombudsman to act?

Any member of the University Community (students, Faculty and administrative staff), either individually or collectively. The Ombudsman may also act on his own initiative.

All University Community bodies and members are obliged to assist the University Ombudsman in the execution of his functions. The Ombudsman can not be denied access to any documents related to the object of his or her enquiry.