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  • The US is the second largest university in Spain in number of students, only surpassed by the Complutense, and the first of Andalusia.
  • It has 26 faculties as well as facilities for research, culture and sport.
  • Strong commitment to ICT and the development of technology transfer became a clear benchmark of R+D+i.

The University of Seville, an institution with more than five centuries of academic accredited and recognized as Campus of International Excellence tradition. All qualifications are adapted to the European Higher Education Area and cover all areas of knowledge.

The US is the second Spanish university student numbers and the first of Andalusia. More than eighty thousand members of the University community including students, faculty and administration and service professionals. The institution has a rich historical and artistic heritage which highlights seven buildings declared a Cultural and thousands of works of art.

As the global supply of teaching, research, culture and technology transfer at the University of Seville has become one of the generation and transmission institutions of Spain fuller knowledge.

The model integrates campus in Seville, unfolding in various urban areas and contributing to the structuring of the Andalusian capital. The US has 26 schools, plus full facilities for research, culture and sport in continued growth and modernization.

We have also carried out a commitment to NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication), by the most advanced resources for learning and research, and the development of technology transfer. All this makes the University of Seville in a clear reference to the I+D+i.

Rectorado de la Universidad de Sevilla. Foto: US

Each student has access to a free Internet throughout the campus. Also aim of the first magnitude, is the internationalization of education for the students of the University, powered by multilingual double degrees and a vigorous policy of mobility.

Furthermore, the management of resources is obvious promotion of culture, sports and social and environmental commitment. As an institution involved in Sustainable Development, participates in the construction of a more balanced, just and united world.

The model of the University of Seville is a public service. An institution open to society as a whole whose progress it must contribute. The goal is a more humane University, from the closeness to the people; encouraging participation and dialogue. To achieve this it is essential to promote the integration of people, groups, bodies and groups around a common and shared university project.