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What issues can not investigate?

The General Operating Rules provides that no processed:

  • Anonymous complaints.
  • Requests by who has no legitimate interest.
  • Requests that are not sufficiently substantiated.
  • Requests submitted after six months as from the date on which the party had knowledge of the facts of it.
  • The matters on which a judicial or administrative decision is pending.

Complaints must be in writing via the online form or presenting in person at the University Ombudsman, indicating the applicant's personal data, address for notification purposes, facts giving rise to the request and scope of the request made. The data will be kept strictly confidential except in situations in which it is essential to indicate them for processing.

Written receipt indicating the file number assigned will be given. This number will be useful for information about the request.

Granted the complaint or proceedings initiated ex officio, timely research will be promoted in the strictest confidence, to clarify the facts.

You will find the substance of the request received organ or administrative authority from During the investigation, so that the maximum period of thirty days submit written report on the facts.

After completing his performance shall notify its decision to the parties concerned and shall notify the affected organ university, with recommendations and proposals for action or change under the regulation, if appropriate.

If a performance once initiated, is interested intercessor for resource demand or administratively or in the courts of law, suspend its operation.

If a complaint is rejected, it will be in communication with the interested motivated, informing the most appropriate way to exercise your claim in writing.